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How to do Employer Branding in the digital era

Mr. Davide Scialpi, the Head of the Employer Branding Revolution Department, has recently been interviewed on RecruitingTrends.com about the future of employer brand communication in the digital era from a global perspective. His post,  How do you communicate an effective employer brand to the millenial generation? , has got retweeted and shared by tons of people from anywhere in the world. 

Ergo, we would like to highlight and share with you some points of major concern discussed in his column.

At the beginning of his article, Mr. Scialpi underlines that Social Media sites offer an incredible element of involvement instead of the static information of traditional Web Sites. If the so-called Millennial Generation wants to be involved, comment and chat with others in real time, then companies cannot afford the luxury of communicating through social media just because it is trendy but must have a strategic plan behind their approach.

Mr. Scialpi emphasizes the importance of understanding the social media environment and stresses the centrality of being a user first. This will afford the possibility to plan what and how to communicate and how to manage conversations with one’s own target audience.

He also wants to point out that in the social media world it is of vital importance to be one of the first movers. In other words, applying the first mover advantage to employer branding in order to capture job market share much more easily without worrying out about rival companies trying to reach the same job seekers. This will allow the employer to be known as great a place to work before other competitors capture that visibility share. This also will consolidate some of their own employer brand and will allow them to gain visibility in terms of brand awareness which will in turn help the sales and marketing departments with business development.

In other words, Mr. Scialpi   just wanted to draw the attention to the fact that employer branding really supports strategy much more than other managerial trends.

Well, Here's the full article. from RecrutingTrends.com, the US portal exclusively dedicated to the recruiting trends. Enjoy your reading.

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