2 August 2013

Canary Wharf

Hi there, lovely Employer Branding Revolutionaries,

How're things going? Hope all well!


Here in London anything is doing great. For the first time ever, sun, hot temperatures and smiling people are fully walking hand in hand. It's a very rare stuff.  Usually wheather is characterized by unstoppable rain and cold. So, very happy about it! 


London is literally burning! It seems to be in Dubai or in California. Tons of positivity in the air here in Canary Wharf on the Docklands.


but, dear revolutionaries, there's more under the hot sun.


In fact, we must confess, we're also happy and keen for the fact that... the world's most authoritative employer branding community is now committed to organizing a revolutionary workshop about the latest fromtiers in employer branding right here in London, which is the world's coolest city ever in the world's most compelling and competitive business environment and market ever!


In a few words, to be clear and precise about it, after the great success of the 2012 and 2013 Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR and EDUCATIONAL COURSE events ,we're ready and excited to launch another massive and unique opportunity to meet a world-class, expert panel speakers, your fellow chapter members and other likeminded senior professionals from across the world. 


So, in this respect, speakers recruitment and selection are officially started. Consequently, what we want to ask you is:

    1. Do you have a valuable Employer Branding story to be shared?

    1. Do you want to boost and strengthen your Personal Brand in the field ?

    1. Do you want to live an incredible public speaking experience ?

    1. Do you want to collaborate with incredible employer branding speakers, presenters and managers?

If it is so, simply apply for a speaking position today at Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR!

Please submit your proposal based on your experience and insight into our project management. 

The Employer Branding Revolution community wants to hear your story! Of particular interest are case studies, success stories, innovations, and practical lessons that delegates will be able to use back at the office. 

All the information about the event will come soon on our web site, stay tuned: 

Keep following us on our blog: 

At your convenience and for your information, you can have a look at our previous event's post Gallery : 


Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Best wishes, 


Davide Scialpi 
Project Director - Employer Branding Revolution 
2013 website: 
skype: scialpskype 
T. 0044(0)7466096932 
Drop me a message here via Linkedin: 

This announcement is primarily aimed at corporate experts / specialists and accademics. In case you are an Employer Branding solutions provider contact us for a limited number of sponsorship/exhibition opportunities.

23 February 2013

Employer Branding Revolution - Potential Park

Employer Branding Revolution - Potential Park Nordic Forum

On March 7th 2013, Employer Branding Revolution will be supporting  an interesting and unconventional workshop seminar hosted, organized and set out by Potential Park  centered on the latest evolutions in digital communication for employer branding: The Nordic OTaC Forum 2013

In a War For Talent that is going digital,  companies online talent communication has never been so important for attracting and recruiting ideal high value people. So, the question is: What can we do to win the hearts of talents through social, mobile and web?

Following Frankfurt, Paris and New York, ”Winning the Hearts of Talents Online” represents an exclusive breakfast event in Stockholm for HR, Communication and Employer Brand leaders to discuss on results and trends in today's Online Talent Communication

Forum will deep dive in  topics like:

• How online talent communication is changing the rules of recruitment

• Where mobile recruitment is going in 2013 and beyond

• How digital natives judge recruitment in social media

• Why you should be stressed about your online candidate experience

• What it will take to make your ATS a job seeker love affair 

• Who’s winning the career website battle and why


Official SPECIAL GUEST will be: Davide Scialpi, International Employer Branding Thought-Leader and Founder of Employer Branding Revolution


It will take place on Thursday, March the 7th, 09:00-11:30 (breakfast is served from 08.30, at  Magnus Ladulåsgatan 63A, 118 27 Stockholm (Office of Ping Pong AB).

To join event, simply apply here. Please Note: Seats are limited.


Backing the talks are Potentialpark’s latest global OTaC studies S-Com (Social Media Talent Communication), M-Com (Mobile Talent Communication), TEWeB (Top Employer Web Benchmark) and APOLLO (Applying Online and Loving IT).09.00 09.15 09.3

Nordic #OTaC13 Forum – Stockholm 7/3 ”Winning the Hearts of Talents Online”

Here's full agenda about it: 

09.00 -  Welcome (breakfast from 08.30)

09.15 - Time Travel – 10 years with Understanding Talent

09.30 New rules of the game – Global OTaC Trends 2013

09.45 - How to win Mobile & Social – Trends 2013

What are the latest results from global study of +26 000 job seekers on how Online Talent Communication is changing the game in recruitment?

10.15 - Coffee break

What are the latest results on M-Com and S-Com 2013, where is mobile and social going and how can employers adapt to attract and recruit the digital natives using mobile and social?

10.30  - Applying Online and Loving It – Trends 2013

What are the latest results on top career web sites and online application processes, who’s winning the career web site battle and what should employers do to make their online candidate experience a love affair?

10.45 - We are in an Employer Branding Revolution

What are the opportunities and challenges facing employer brands around the world in an age of digital and employer brand revolution?

11.10 - Winning The Hearts of Talents Online – Management Takeaways

Panel discussion on most important takeaways from the latest OTaC research and trend spotting, and what management should do about it.

11.25 - Summary and what to do on Monday 

Hare all confirmed Key Note Speakers:

• David Scialpi, International Employer Branding Thought Leader & Employer Branding Revolution Founder, Guest Speaker

Tommie Cau, Employer Brand Expert, Moderator

• Torgil Lenning, Founder & CEO, Potentialpark

• Daniel Eliasson, Business Director, mobile digital agency Apegroup

• Björn Wigeman, Senior Advisor & Director USA, Potentialpark

• Julian Ziesing, Client Development Manager, Potentialpark

For more information, visit Potential Park Web Page: 

Have a good seminar in Stockholm!!! Reach us from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland! 

The Employer Branding Revolution TEAM!

17 January 2013

Employer Branding Revolution is the world's most authoritative Employer Branding Community. More than 900 Top Employer Branding Specialists from anywhere in the globe have already joined our online LinkedIn Group in less than 8 months . We don't know how to say thank you. That's gonna be absolutely MASSIVE!...

Reach us from wherever you are in the world (USA, UK, IRELAND, CHINA, JAPAN, GERMANY, DENMARK, NETHERLANDS, NORWAY, SWEDEN, RUSSIAN, LATIN AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, POLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, FINLAND, SWITZERLAND, TURKEY, HUNGARY, UKRAINE, SAUDI ARABIA, INDIA) , join our daily discussions about the brand new frontiers and the today's hottest issues in employer branding and discover how to collaborate with us for taking employer branding to the next level!

Join us by simply clicking the following link: Employer Branding Revolution Community 

Tweet us at: ebrevolution


David Scialpi

Founder of Employer Branding Revolution

London, June 17th

6 January 2013

The world's most authoritative Employer Branding Community is coming back in a couple of days. We are now commited to setting up brand new adventures and projects. We will be out soon again!! And of course anything is gonna be massive!! Massive like our on line Linkedin community: it's the one and only place where you can discuss, interact and conversate in real time with hundreds of qualified specialists from anywhere in the globe about the latest and the hottest issues in employer branding!

7 September 2012

Employer Branding Revolution

Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on! is officially one of the world's most important and authoritative employer branding community. With over 800 pure Employer Branding Specialists it represents an incredible and unbeatable lab for all those who are interested in being updated about the latest employer branding frontiers.

Best practices, Insights, compelling discussions, Strategic and Visionary thinking, High-Quality contents, High-Grade Networking characterizing this unconventional and innovative international hub. 

4 August 2012

Hello Everybody, 

Welcome to the Employer Branding Revolution Blog. What's going on?  Hope you're good.

About us, everything is ok. Today we have to ask you a so delicate question: Did you know we're also on Twitter? Did you know Employer Branding Revolution is on Twitter also?  ... no? ...Do you know what Twitter is? ... no? 

23 July 2012

The time is running out. We are working like no other. We are trying to do the best to offer you the best.  Employer Branding Revolution is been officially launched at Vienna, during the last Talent For Tomorrow Summit 2012 at Hilton Hotel. It seems like yesterday. The dream has been made reality. Today Employer Branding Revolution is one of the biggest community in the globe about the employer branding themes. A very impressive global network.If you are interested to be an active member you are still on time to join in. Waiting for you. You're welcome.

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