Employer Branding Trends

12 August 2012

Employer Branding and Corporate Social Responsiiblity

We all know what is Employer Branding about it, isn’t true?

Employer Branding is just about improving the image of a company as employer. Consequently to this definition, The first thing that comes to mind is: wow, that’s really amazing! so, It is not recruiting, isn’t? 


3 August 2012

We love Facebook. We're big 'Facebookers' here at Employer Branding Revolution. We are addicted to sharing videos, photos and posting status updates from our various profiles.

But ok one thing is for sure: here we are not to tell anyone what is happening right now in our lifes. In other terms, here we are not to tell If we're gonna eat Pizza Peperoni or Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage Tomato or similars. We simply think that Facebook really represents a great way to get your feedback on how we daily go to realize.

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