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Employer Branding Revolution is an International Lab exclusively dedicated to the Employer Branding frontiers, operated by Reinventa Dee Oceans LTD.

Employer Branding Revolution is an International Network of Consultants, Managers, Experts and Specialists coming from well-known consulting firms, multinational corporations as well as the research world.

Just let us explain in a few words what employer branding really means: "Employer Branding is fundamentally a Marketing Strategy applied to Human Resources. Just as companies realize marketing and communication activities to attract and retain high value clients, at the same time communication and marketing strategies can be realized in order to attract and retain high value people for own business performances."

Employer Branding Definition by Davide Scialpi, Head of Strategic Branding Consulting Department  of Employer Branding  Revolution and CEO of Reinventa Dee Oceans Ltd (a London-based strategy firm).

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